Most popular songs

Go with the flow 99 votes
The lost art of keeping a secret 81 votes
No one knows 81 votes
First it giveth 36 votes
Regular John 35 votes
Better livin' through chemistry 35 votes
Feel good hit of the summer 33 votes
The sky is fallin' 31 votes
Mexicola 30 votes
Do it again 29 votes
Leg of lamb 23 votes
God is in the radio 20 votes
A song for the dead 19 votes
A song for the deaf 17 votes
Hangin' tree 16 votes
Monsters in the Parasol 16 votes
In the fade 15 votes
Mosquito song 15 votes
If only 14 votes
Auto Pilot 12 votes
You can't quit me baby 12 votes
Quick and to the pointless 11 votes
You would know 10 votes
Gonna leave you 10 votes
How to handle a rope 9 votes
Avon 9 votes
Another love song 8 votes
Millionaire 7 votes
The Bronze 7 votes
Never say never 5 votes
I think I lost my headache 5 votes
I was a teenage hand model 5 votes
All the same/Tension head/Gardenia /You're so vague/Six shooter/Ode to Clarissa/Walkin on the sidewalks/ Green Machine/El Rodeo/Give the mule what he wants/ Big bikes/Shit Goddamn/Born to Hula/Idiots guide/The Bronze/Fatso Forgetso/Infinity/Like a drug/ These aren't the droids/Catemaran/One inch man/I wanna make it wit chu/Thumb/Two mach/I only want you/ A#1/Supa scupa and the mighty scoop/Demon Cleaner/Nenada/Into the void/HWY 47/Making a cross/Johnny the boy 57 votes
812 votes total
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