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Country Fans
Argentina7 fans
Australia86 fans
Austria15 fans
Belgium18 fans
Bosnia1 fan
Brazil24 fans
Canada51 fans
Chile6 fans
China1 fan
Colombia1 fan
Costa Rica1 fan
Croatia4 fans
Czech Republic1 fan
Denmark10 fans
Ecuador3 fans
England173 fans
Faroe Islands1 fan
Finland13 fans
France19 fans
Germany48 fans
Greece3 fans
Hungary4 fans
Iceland3 fans
Ireland19 fans
Israel4 fans
Italy22 fans
Japan4 fans
Lithuania1 fan
Luxembourg3 fans
Mexico6 fans
Monaco1 fan
Netherlands36 fans
New Zealand10 fans
Norway21 fans
Poland16 fans
Portugal7 fans
Puerto Rico1 fan
Russia5 fans
Scotland29 fans
Serbia/Montenegro2 fans
Singapore1 fan
Slovakia1 fan
Slovenia2 fans
South Africa1 fan
Spain6 fans
Sweden21 fans
Switzerland2 fans
Turkey4 fans
United Arab Emirates1 fan
USA249 fans
Venezuela4 fans
Wales9 fans
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