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Welcome to the Josh Homme Fanlisting, dedicated to the hottest guy in music.

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Updated: August 16, 2010
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Over 500 members!

Thanks for making this my most popular Fanlisting. :) Next, 500 members.

If you want to join please read the very simple rules first.

I would like to start a section on the fanlisting with pictures of you, the fans, meeting The Man himself. If you have any pictures of yourself together with Josh and want to share please Thanks!

Added two QOTSA related affiliates. You'll find them to your left.

Added a whole lotta new codes.

In the join form where it says Favorite song, only fill in Josh related songs.

Don't forget to read the rules before joining. I will not add anyone who hasn't read them.

Added a summary of the most popular songs according to you, the members of this fanlisting.

Fanlistings are the brainchild of Janine. They are a way to gather all fans of a particular topic in one place just to see how many there are and where all of us are. If you wanna know more I suggest visiting the Official Fanlisting website.

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