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Another update. :) This time with Magazine covers and a Poster that Dave sent me.

Woohoo! An update! Thanks to Alexis and DN for pictures and wallpaper. I still have no scanner so please feel free to send me pictures.

This site is on hiatus because of studies. And a busted scanner...

Added a new link. And I've got my computer working again so hopefully I'll be able to scan some pictures this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. ;)

5 new pictures donated by MCD and SJ. Thanks! Unfortunately I won't be able to update the site regularly until I get my scanner working again. If ever...

3 new pictures.

8 new pictures and 2 wallpapers added. Will get more pictures up as soon as my computer starts acting normal again.

Queens of the Stone Age
Songs For The Deaf - 2CD Exclusive Tour Edition

On Monday October 20th Universal Australia will re-release the QOTSA 'album of the year' Songs For The Deaf with an exclusive 5 track live bonus disc, featuring some rare live recordings. The release is to coincide with their Australian tour early 2004. We are offering fans overseas the chance to get their hands on this special edition which is a must for collectors.

The tracks on the bonus disc are:

1. No One Knows (Live At Ancienne Belgique)
2. Auto Pilot (Live At Ancienne Belgique)
3. The Sky Is Fallin' (Live At Ancienne Belgique)
4. Another Love Song (Live At Ancienne Belgique)
5. Better Living Through Chemistry (Live At Ancienne Belgique)

Pre order your copy now.

6 new pictures and 2 wallpapers added.

14 new pictures and a wallpaper added.

Picture donated by Medium. Thank you! :)

New link and a Downloads section added.

The Josh Homme Fanlisting is finally up and running again.

Welcome to my new location! Finally invested in having my own domain moved to a paid host. No more banners, pop ups, frozen accounts and so on. Be sure to update your bookmarks, http://www.severed-dreams.net/qotsa/.

Other than that no big update since I haven't laid hands on a magazine with QOTSA pics for ages. If you know any, let me know.

The Josh Fanlisting is temporarily down while I update it and move all the members to PhpFanbase.

Here are the details for QOTSA's new single from Soundworld.com.au:

On Monday 4th August the brand new Queens of the Stone Age CD single FIRST IT GIVETH will be released in Australia. The CD single as far as we know will be exclusive to the Australian market and the cheapest price around.

The CD single will retail for only AUS$4.95 (approx. US$2.70) - considerably cheaper than what Amazon or HMV will be selling it for. The tracks on the new CD single are:

1. First It Giveth (Album Version)
2. Wake Up Screaming
3. The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love
4. First It Giveth (Video)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've had computer problems, connection problems, webhost problems, you name it I've had it.
Anywho, 3 new pictures up and 2 new wallpapers, one of which was kindly donated by Kim. Thanks. :)

3 new pictures and 1 new Wallpaper.

The tracklisting for the 'Go with the flow' Australian cd-single exlusive is finally here:

1. Go With The Flow (Album Version)
2. Avon - Live from the Mean fiddler version
3. No One Knows - Lavelle Remix Radio Edit Version
4. No One Knows- Video (CD-ROM)

The single will be out on March 31st. Anyone who pre-orders the single will go into the draw to win an autographed QOTSA poster. International buyers welcome!
Visit www.soundworld.com.au now!

1 new picture and 3 "new" Wallpapers.

1 new picture of Josh, 1 new picture of Dave and 3 new Wallpapers.

1 new wallpaper. (Other than that it's been real slow on the magazine front. If you know of a mag with pictures of the boys please let me know.)
Opened the Josh Homme Fanlisting.

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