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ID Name Email URL Country Favorite
[001] Linda@wwwSwedenThe Nightmare before Christmas, Harryhausen movies
[002] Becky wwwUSA
[003] Tere wwwUSANeco z Alenky
[004] Courtney@wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas
[005] carlos batista@wwwPortugalThe nightmare before christmas
[006] Peter Noyce wwwAustraliastarwars saga
[007] durumpoulet@wwwBelgium
[008] Heather Milne@wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lost World
[009] sara-tuva kippel wwwSwedenThe Nightmare before Christmas
[010] Jen wwwUSAJames and the Giant Peach
[011] Miss Micol wwwItalyNightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars
[012] Gioacchino De Petris wwwItalywallace and gromit
[013] Aurora Szalinski@wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas
[014] Charlee wwwNew ZealandNightmare Before Christmas
[015] Iron@wwwUSAKing Kong (1933...duh)
[016] Hinagiku wwwMexicoThe nightmare before christmas
[017] andy mcguinness wwwEnglandjason and the argonauts
[018] Dal@wwwEnglandNightmare before christmas
[019] Zombie Puppet@wwwCanada
[020] Eidolon wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas
[021] Birgit wwwNorwayWallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers
[022] Christy@wwwUSA
[023] Sarah@wwwWalesClash of the Titans
[024] Jen@wwwUSA
[025] angie wwwUSAstreet of crocodiles from the brother's quay
[026] alisea wwwFrancethe nightmare before christmas
[027] carlos wwwSpain
[028] Chelsea@wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas
[029] Sarah@wwwAustraliathe nightmare before christmas
[030] Grace wwwEnglandWallace & Gromit
[031] kristina wwwSwedennightmare before christmas
[032] Heather Lynn wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas
[033] Essi@wwwFinlandThe Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride
[034] will R@wwwIreland
[035] Susy@wwwItalyNightmare Before Christmas Corpse Bride
[036] Vianne@wwwCanadaWallace & Gromit - all
[037] Fleagirl@wwwUSACorpse Bride, Clash of the Titans
[038] Stacy wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas / Corpse Bride
[039] reality.failure wwwAustraliachorlton and the wheelies (not a movie, a cartoon)
[040] Anne-Sophie@wwwFranceThe Nightmare Before Christmas & Corpse Bride
[041] Jan@wwwGermanyWallace & Gromit: A Close Shave; Corpse Bride
[042] Lydai@wwwUSA
[043] Meagan wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
[044] Jovana wwwSerbia/Montenegro
[045] Isadora wwwBrazil
[046] missy@wwwUSA
[047] Sailor Manou@wwwFranceNightmare before chridtmas and Corpse Bride
[048] Yunchen wwwAustriaThe Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride
[049] Shelby@wwwUSA
[050] Silence@wwwGermanyThe Nightmare Before Christmas
[051] kiimi wwwPoland
[053] Michael Wais, Jr. wwwUSAHmm- Ray Harryhausen
[054] Jordan S.@wwwEngland'D˘j˘ji' & 'Kataku' by KAWAMOTO Kihachir˘
[055] Lauren@wwwUSANightmare Before Christmas
[056] Julie@wwwCanadaCorpse Bride
[057] Grace wwwColombia
[058] Lum@wwwItalyCorpse Bride
[059] Julia wwwBrazil
[060] Kathryn@wwwUSACorpse Bride
[061] Sophie@wwwEnglandVincent, Wallace and Gromit
[062] Lily Grace wwwUSANightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars Trilogy
[063] Melissa@wwwUSAJames and the Giant Peach
[064] Tomas wwwIrelandcoraline, nightmares before christmas
[065] near@wwwHungaryWallace and Gromit, The nightmare before christmas
[066] roxyryoko wwwUSAThe Nightmare Before Christmas; Coraline
[067] Hanakowolf@wwwFinlandThe Nightmare Before Christmas

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