I've used pictures found online to make these wallpapers. They are just made in fun for us fans. No offence intended. If you want your name credited or picture removed just let me know.

Picture used in the second wallpaper was taken by Clive Arrowsmith in support of the Free Tibet Campaign.



Glenister on acting roles - May 11th 2008
Philip Glenister - BBC Breakfast Interview (8th June, 2009)

Links to various fanvids online that I've taken a fancy to. None of these videos were made by me. If you see a video you like you can go to this site: Savevid.com and download it. If you know a great video that needs sharing contact me.

Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, In My Room

Gene Hunt

Gene Hunt is bringin' sexy back

Rupert Galvin

Rupert Galvin - Demons - Blood Red Sky

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