The Big Tease Review

~The synopsis on the back of the video box tells you what this film is about. A Scottish hairdresser comes to the states thinking he's a participant in a hair styling competition...

Well, that's only the beginning of what I find to be one of the most hysterically funny movies I've seen in a long while.

It's a lighthearted lightweight comedy that keeps you entertained from the first moments that our hero Crawford appears onscreen...

You've just gotta love this guy...he refuses to let anything get (and keep) him down...from maxing out his credit card and having to leave a plushy L.A. hotel for a fleabag dive to learning that he was only invited to be in the audience for the competition, everything that gets in his way does not deter him from his goal: to enter and win the "hair-off".

This movie is solidly packed with some subtle and not so subtle satirical digs at the Hollywood and L.A. lifestyles..I found myself laughing all the way through which necessitated using the re-wind on my vcr to catch things I'd missed.

"The Big Tease" is primarily shot as a "documentary" as a BBC film crew follows Crawford to Los complaint I've read (and only one I should note) is that at the end of the movie during the scenes at the styling competition the film makers seem to have abandoned that "docu" style for straight ahead movie type filming.

That technical point is really not a factor for me...

I will not give anything away regarding the story and how it ends...althought this movie may be a bit hard to find in stores..maybe not, but I highly recommend getting your hands on this movie and popping it into your vcr or dvd player and settling back with some microwave popcorn and enjoying "The Big Tease" starring Craig Ferguson (better known to most people as "Mr. Wick" on "The Drew Carey Show"(yes, Craig is really Scottish!!) and containing great cameos by many celebs..including a wonderfully funny "can't miss" by Drew Carey himself.

Track this one down. It's worth it.~

By Gail Garen