Saving Grace Review

~ This movie is the story of a woman who must find a way out of the crippling debts her late husband left behind..after he jumps out of an airplane..without a parachute!

The story begins with the funeral of her husband...and picks up a month later when the debt collectors begin calling.

Grace has no way to get out from under such a mountain of bills...until one day her gardener/handyman Matthew (played to perfection by Craig Ferguson) asks her to help him save some sick plants he's got hidden on the vicerage grounds.

Grace has incredible gardening talents with orchids so Matthew figures she can save his plants..which turn out to be marijuana.

Grace and Matthew take a cutting back to her greenhouse and she does save it for him.

Meanwhile Grace is still trying to figure a way out of debt when she hits upon the idea of growing that marijuana and selling it.

With Matthew as her co-hort in this scheme they convert Grace's greenhouse and begin growing pot.

Lots of hilarity ensues..the scene where Matthew and Grace light up her greenhouse is not to be missed!

That nightly ritual soon becomes a spectacle for the entire village.

I won't go on much more with the rest of the story...then, you'd already know what happens and that wouldn't be any fun,now would it?!

So, once again, because this is a fan website dedicated to Craig Ferguson, I shall comment upon his performance in this movie....

This is defintely a real showcase for the incredible talents of the aforementioned Mr. Ferguson... he gives his character such a can really believe that Matthew is a real person and not "just a character in a movie".

The way that Matthew grows as a person...from the somewhat still youthful boy who just wants to have fun in life and not work too the scene near the end of the film in which Matthew's girlfriend informs him of a "change" in their relationship.

Craig Ferguson had quite a hand in the making of this film...the story/screenplay/producing/starring.... I can't recall everything he did but believe me, if you want to see what this man can do....see "Saving Grace".

By Gail Garen