Life without Dick Review

~Okay, the premise of this movie sounded good..on paper. Once it got to film it's painfully clear that the whole thing was a mess all the way.

First, you've got the completely ditzy Colleen (Sara Jessica Parker) who accidentally kills her rotten boyfriend after being given some (mis)information by her psychic (Terri Garr)... and then we discover that he was the target of a hit put out by the head of an Irish "mafia"... headed by none other than our fabulous Craig Ferguson. (Interesting to hear an Irish brogue coming out of a Scotsman!)

The hit man assigned to do the job (Harry Connick Jr.) has never actually killed anyone tho'! So he's quite thrilled to learn that this guy (Dick) is already "pushing up daisies"...

I won't give away anything else about this film..I'll just stick to reviewing Craig Ferguson's performance in this movie...probably one of the only bright spots in the entire film.

He truly comes across as a real baddie..evil and nasty right down to the marrow of his bones! Even Jared's (Ferguson's character) wife puts a hit out...on Jared!!

Almost all of the performances in this movie are astonishingly flat....I found only two "bright spots" and they were Harry Connick's singing ( his character yearned to be a singer instead of a hit man) and the job turned in by Craig....

If you are as much of a Craig Ferguson fan as this reviewer, then go ahead and check out this'll looooove the way he looks in all of his scenes;from the gorgeous dark green silk robe he's in the first time you see Jared to the silk boxers and white undershirt he's in at the end of the flick...

(The aforementioned scene alone, for me..was worth it!!)

Now...since I mentioned famed movie critics Ebert and Roeper..I'll chime in with my own "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" regarding this movie.

I think I'll invent my own term for this one....what about a..thumbs....sideways?!

By Gail Garen