• April 14 2006


    Craig Ferguson will be in conversation with David Duchovny on Tuesday April 25 in Beverly Hills to promote his most recent book. You can find more information at

  • July 15th 2005

    Site update

    Added Gerard Butler to the Scottish actors in kilts page. Thanks to Christine for the suggestion. ;)

  • July 13th 2005

    Site update

    Added a review of The Late Late Show by Christine Bode.

  • July 6th 2005

    Site update

    Updated the About section.

    Thanks to Azzamary

  • June 28th 2005

    The Late Late Show

    I've been asked severel times these past months how to get your e-mail read on the show. Some people even write me thinking I'm Craig. Well I'm not. ;) If you want to e-mail the show you have to go to the official site's email form found here.

    Also be on the lookout for a blog that Craig will start in the coming weeks.

    Craig's book

    Craig's book "Between the Bridge and the River" will not be out until next year. It'll be available through all the usual stores like Amazon etc. So you'll all just have to be patient. :)

    Site update

    New pictures and posters added.